The ‘Hackney is Friendly’ project is an interactive experiment. It aims to celebrate and encourage friendliness, to get people talking and listening to each other.

The ‘Hackney is Friendly’ barrow is a place where you can have conversations. Come and say hello and chat, to help to create a hub of friendliness. This project is intended to be open to anyone, whatever their experience of being in Hackney. The final day of the project has now happened.

Sarah Pletts is a local artist who is writing about her experiences talking to people in the street on a blog. She is also taking photos of some of the people she meets. Sarah set out to do something positive in her local community, but it’s an experiment, so each dialogue and encounter is different. Follow the blog to see what happens.

Can the project  get people talking to each other? Can small moments of connection make a difference to how we feel about each other and the place we share? What happens when we meet people who are different to us? Can we communicate better? What happens when we listen deeply to another’s experience? Can we knit our community together through engaging in dialogue? What is friendliness and is it worth spreading?

If you want to support the project, you can also ‘like, share or post’ on the Facebook page,  ‘reply’ to a blog post or e mail.

Doing an auto-complete search for “Hackney is…” does vary, but if enough people linked to this site, it could change the outcome of the auto-complete to Hackney is…friendly.

Where possible the materials for this project have been sourced very locally.